Revenue Growth in 24 Hours.

20% of your audience brings 80% of your revenue.
3% of that audience is ready to convert today.
With intent, that 3% just became your 100%.


All plans include a 90 day full refund guarantee. We're that confident.

The unfair advantage behind powerhouse growth teams



You have a product. That product has an industry. That industry has an audience.

Stop relying on manual targeting methods and let machine learning take-over.

Within 10 minutes of creating your account, we guide you on providing a simple list of specific keywords and terms associated with your product.

Click "submit campaign" and your job is done.


Our machine learning algorithm collects and models the chronological behavior of other historical buyers in your target industry.

Pattern recognition: scaled across 5 million behaviors tracked per second. In any market, for any product, and any niche.

What's left is a list of scored in-market contacts distilled for you into a downloadable audience for you to deploy however you wish.

This is the contextual 7%-20% of your market with the highest probability of conversion.

Audiences your competitors don't even know exist yet.


This is one of the rare systems you come across every decade that shifts the way things are done.

Own the buyer's journey
Leverage next generation targeting to the right person at the right time with the right offer.

Create your own market
Make decisions based on hundreds, even thousands of behaviors, not singular intent. Contact, corner, and nurture entire markets before rivals can write a single headline.

Drastically cut acquisition cost
Deploy enhanced, pre-vetted lookalike audiences and train Facebook’s algorithm faster than it can train itself - or any platform you want.

Hyper-focus your marketing
identify which 20% of the market will deliver 80% of revenue now, next week, and 6 months in the future.

Target only in-market leads - before anyone else.

Intent isn't enough. Segment and retarget only qualified traffic vetted over millions of behaviors across billions of URLs. Understand their proximity to solution, and map their full profile back to your marketing engine.

Own and control the entire buyer's journey

Imagine you had access to the entire addressable market. Now, imagine you could contact that market at the very beginning, middle, and end of their buyer's journey. Controlling the entire experience. With Intent, you can.

Contextualize your creative; control the conversation

Context is everything in a game where noise is your primary adversary. Today, you'll have the ability to contextualize and personalize your paid and organic messaging to match the market's motive.

Fully identify everyone. Enrichment isn't enough.

By combining intent with the power of SuperAudiences ( Facebook or LinkedIn group audiences that you own and can market to at will on any platform you choose) , you'll now have the power to validate and enrich the identity of prospects who land on your website - while uncovering their browsing activity across the internet. Including your competitor's prospects.

Instantly crush cost of acquisition

Optimize The Spend On Digital Ads: reduce the cost of conversions by only spending ad dollars on leads who are most likely to buy instead of low-value clicks.

Always-on machine learning feedback loop

Data, behavior, and buyer intent is constantly changing. iiintent's models continuously optimize based on real-time changes so you can rest assured the data you’re leveraging is accurate.

Built to directly drive the growth of your operation was built with a single goal in mind: immediately impact the influx of revenue into your pipeline without requiring additional workload from you or your team. This is a bolt-on, glove-like-fit solution for serious revenue marketers wanting to lead the charge in modern acquisition.

Value-driven conversational market mapping

Conversational Market Mapping is the act of mapping your message to an entire market at the right time, in the right place, to the right person, in the right context. Theoretically, this is nothing new. Automatically making it a reality, is the next phase in building true Growth Loops.

Imagine having a lab of data scientists on your growth team:

Why do extra work when you could be growing your business? Through our tested process, we’ll help you find clarity in what you need and maximize your efforts from beginning to end.


Not Another SAAS

The first growth solution for marketers that runs itself while saving you time and resources. Unlike adding another SaaS product to your stack that requires time and resources to implement, is designed to bolt directly into your current flow.

After a ten minute initial set-up, our machine learning algorithm and API do the work uncovering your in-the-market, behaviorally validated audience. Once complete, just plug it directly into your targeting engine.


Compounding Intelligence.

Built to perform from day one. Engineered to age like fine wine. The best thing about machine learning, is it learns. Constantly. Our closed loop behavioral data validation process never sleeps. This means the longer you implement the data, the better it gets.


Magnify and Multiply.

Remove guesswork. Eliminate frustration. To truly understand the buyer journey, marketers need to identify the key activation across marketing, sales AND product activities that create perfect customers for each segment.

With, you gain the ability to take a magnifying glass to every facet of your market.

Magnification begets focus. Focus begets accuracy. Accuracy is permission to multiply efforts that bring a return on marketing spend the likes of which you've only 'heard about'.


Turn Data Into Profits

A Truly Customized Buyer Journey… At Scale. Make The Right Decisions With Data: Real-time and actionable insights help you turn data into profits and understand which activities are effective at each stage of the funnel. The ultimate competitive advantage.


This could be you.

This should be you.

Make this you.

You deserve this.











A system that scales with you.
An engine that grows for you.

Our pricing model is built to be a win-win across the board. Intent becomes a revenue driver not only for yourself, but for your clients. The more money you make them, the more they spend. The more campaigns you launch, the lower the cost.


For solo entrepreneurs and marketers looking to rapidly accelerate lead acquisition, conversions and growth.

Identity Resolution

  • 1000 Restructt SuperGroup Leads (Facebook, LinkedIn Groups, Instagram Hashtags)
  • SiteVisitor SuperPixel
  • Free Hash Code Enrichment
  • A profit center, not an expense or time suck.
  • Frictionless ability to produce qualified leads.


For growing start-ups, agencies, and ad specialists ready to leverage intent data to scale 1-20 campaigns.

ONE In-Market Campaign

Everything in the Growth Plan...PLUS...

  • 1 B2C or B2B In-Market Campaign
  • Add more campaigns at will
  • In-Market Keyword Research Service
  • Behavioral Lead Score Updates & Segmentation